TinnGO, a H2020 project dedicated to transforming the European transport through gender and diversity sensitive smart mobility, carries out its work across 10 different national hubs. The French Hub is dedicated to women’s safety. The Paris region was chosen as a site for the Hub and as a living lab for pioneering solutions in transportation, mainly due to its high prevalence of sexual assault in public transport systems. As a project partner, LGI largely contributes to analysing, exploring and developing different aspects of women’s safety in the region of Paris.

The French Hub is focusing on the analysis of new forms of mobility involving the use of bicycles, scooters, motorbikes, and private and public cars, deepening the study of economic and socio-cultural constraints of new mobility modes. Safety in shared mobility as well as public transportation is also addressed as part of the activities of the Hub, while new employment opportunities in the transport and mobility sectors in the Paris area, as well as the needs of relevant skills needed are explored.

To learn more about LGI’s work within the TinnGO project, check out the French Hub website for regular updates and news!