In this series, the Pardon My Planet podcast explores the dynamic and evolving landscape of renewable energy in Africa: its challenges, opportunities and stories.

The Long-Term Joint European Union-African Union Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy, known as LEAP-RE, is helping to accelerate the transition towards renewable energy in Africa and Europe.

This programme, gathering almost 100 partners from 33 countries, supports research and innovation for sustainable energy solutions.

Introduction to renewable energy in Africa

In the opening episode of our series, Leonard Lévêque, project manager at LGI and co-coordinator of LEAP-RE, provides an overview of the renewable energy landscape across the African Union. Leonard emphasises the crucial importance of developing renewable energy sources in Africa, not just to meet growing energy demands, but as a pivotal strategy for sustainable development.

Want to know more about the LEAP-RE initiative? Check out the project website here.

Empowering women with Africa’s renewable energy

In this episode, we shift our focus to Kenya, where Anne Wacera Wambugu, an electrical engineer and researcher at Strathmore University in Nairobi, discusses the current state of renewable energy development and its future prospects. Anne sheds light on the pressing issue of electricity quality and equipment disparities, particularly in solar energy production, and highlights the need to empower women in this field.

To learn more about Sunsafe innovation, watch their video here.

Quality & equity in electricity access across Africa

This episode explores the critical issues of sustainability and equity in electricity access. Marine Cornelis, an expert in energy policy and public affairs, discusses her work on the EURICA project in Madagascar and Burkina Faso, two regions facing significant yet different energy challenges. Marine’s insights into the practicalities of providing quality electricity access offer a sobering look at the hurdles that remain in the quest for energy equity.

Marine has also a podcast on climate justice and the energy transition, called Energ’Ethic. You can listen to it here.

From crisis to innovation: Exploring renewable solutions with LEAP-RE

We are joined by Sigfried Tivana, assistant director at the Department of Science and Innovation in South Africa and co-coordinator of LEAP-RE. Sigfried discusses the pressing energy challenges facing South Africa, from access issues to the sustainability of current energy practices. He also shares the challenges of piloting such a large programme as LEAP-RE and what the future holds for this initiative.

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