Earlier this month, a group from LGI delved into the complex issues surrounding urban development through a dynamic exercise called the “City Fresk” (Fresque de la Ville). This workshop, inspired by the popular “Climate Fresk” and designed by Dixit, aims to equip participants with a comprehensive view of urban challenges. 

During the session, participants engaged with 38 unique cards, each depicting crucial urban issues like urban sprawl, loss of agricultural lands, logistics zones, cost of real estate, and spatial segregation. Through lively discussions and debates, the team explored how these issues are interlinked through social, environmental, and economic factors. 

Participants actively placed cards on a board, drawing arrows to illustrate the cause-and-effect relationships between different urban phenomena. This interactive method highlighted the cyclical problems stemming from urban sprawl, such as increased reliance on cars and the need for more road infrastructure. 

This activity was not just educational but also fostered teamwork and collective learning among colleagues. LGI is involved in several Horizon Europe projects focused on cities, including NetZeroCities and MAKING-CITY. Engagements such as the City Fresk deepen our understanding and reinforce our dedication to advancing sustainable, resilient, and inclusive urban environments.