LGI just started working with the French Ministry of Transport! We are very proud and excited to help our public authorities in shaping the future regulatory framework of digital platforms in the mobility sector. There are challenges ahead – as the ‘uberization’ of many mobility services require appropriate regulation. The question is, ‘how do we make it up-to-date without stifling innovation?’

Our expertise in this field has been strengthened by a 2-year internal research project led by Antoine Monnet. This, combined to our detailed knowledge of the mobility sector will be the two pillars on which we will build our recommendations. LGI will also receive the support of a strategic partner, Haas Avocats, which specialises on the legal aspect of new technologies, intellectual property and digital marketplaces. Side by side, LGI and Haas Avocats will provide an in-depth classification of digital platforms in the mobility sector, analyse the economic background and the jurisprudence related to these platforms, and finally deliver a series of top-priority recommendations to adapt the regulatory framework.