EuroCommerce and ERRT celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Retail Forum for Sustainability and the Retail Environmental Action Programme (REAP) in a joint event organized together with the European Commission. This joint event was made possible through their collaboration with us particularly with members of our management & communications teams!

With all hands on deck, we made sure to deliver on the logistics organisation & promotional materials for the Forum which held at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels. With over a hundred interested stakeholders in attendance, conversations flowed and exchanges were made on the future of retail in Europe.

The Retail Forum for Sustainability is a multi-stakeholder platform set up in order to exchange best practices on sustainability in the European retail sector and to identify opportunities and barriers that may further or hinder the achievement of sustainable consumption and production. Retailers in Europe are in an exceptional position to promote more sustainable consumption not only via their daily contact with millions of European consumers, but also through their own actions and their partnerships with suppliers.

The Forum has been working on bringing to the fore more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products as well as providing better information to consumers on how to use products in the most ecologically efficient way.