LGI’s FoTRRIS project is now over! The review with the European Commission went well and the partners are gradually looking towards new horizons and opportunities.

However, for you, it may be time to discover the project’s main results: respectively its Cookbook and Score!

As you may remember, FoTRRIS was all about fostering a transition towards more responsibility in European Research and Innovation systems.

That was no easy task!

One way to achieve this transition was to increase the number of R&I projects that embody Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles.

But you may wonder, “how are such projects designed?” Well that’s where the Cookbook comes in! Easy as following a recipe, this document will guide you through the process of putting together such a project. You’ll learn about the FoTRRIS method of collaborative design with multiple actors that aim for sustainability and social inclusion.

Access the FoTTRIS cookbook here.

Another way to ensure this transition is to populate the R&I ecosystem with organisations that have RRI values inscribed at their core and consistently work towards the achievement of RRI systems.

Well, as you have guessed, to do that, you just have to play our Score. Again, imagine yourself following the chords of a musical play, you’ll be guided through the different steps to create your intended set-up and you’ll be inspired by FoTRRIS’ existing RRI organisations, competence cells as well as many more examples!

Access the FoTTRIS score here.


Eve Dallamaggiore

Innovation Strategist

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Cookbook – a design by LGI

Score – a document by LGI

These documents have been produced in the frame of the FoTRRIS project, funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union under grant agreement n°665906.