Vincent Chauvet, CEO & Founder, will be chairing a meeting on business models and technologies in the digital and energy sector in Paris tomorrow, 31 May 2017.

Previous AGRION meetings have discussed the transformation of customer relationship and artificial intelligence in the energy sector. In this meeting, we will see how digitization will impact the sector by redefining the economic models currently in place. Currently, digitization promises to have a strong impact on the energy sector in France, especially as it occurs simultaneously with the energy transition.

Suppliers are faced with the challenge of offering innovative online services. For example, Engie has set up chatbots (robot software that act as virtual technicians) to support its technicians in the field and to answer the questions of the customers, this shows that there is a great potential for both the existing actors and for new entrants in the energy sector.

During the session the speakers from General Electric France and Fioulmarket will answer the following questions:

  • How do the existing energy companies react, and who are the new entrants?
  • How to bring added value to the digital economy?
  • Which new professions will appear and which ones will become automated?
  • What is the impact on the network and what are the opportunities for the integration of renewable energies?

AGRION is a global business network for energy, cleantech and corporate sustainability. Click HERE for more information.

Vincent Chauvet, CEO, will be chairing this event, organised by AGRION, on business models and technologies in the digital and energy sectors in Paris.

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