One more new project at LGI: HOUSEFUL. This project will literally make your head spin because it aims at full circularity in residential buildings!

Coordinated by LEITAT, this project of 16 partners will last for 4 years and will launch 12 solutions, that are either technical or methodological.

These solutions will be demonstrated during the refurbishment of 4 buildings, 2 near Barcelona – Spain, and 2 in Vienna, with 3 out 4 being on social housing.

Solution #1 – A methodology to evaluate the circularity degree of buildings

Solution #2 – A methodology to co-create, with all stakeholders of the building life-cycle, new business opportunities in tune with the principles of circular economy

Solution #3 – Materials passports: specifying all construction materials of a building, to prepare their recycling

Solution #4 – Databases of local sustainable construction materials

Solution #5 – A nature-based solution to recycle grey and rain waters

Solution #6 – A nature-based solution to recycle liquid part of blackwater

Solutions #7 – Anaerobic Membrane Reactor (AnMBR) and dry Anaerobic Digestion (dAD) tech for bios gas production. Complemented by gas cleaning tech.

Solution #8 – Compost tech to receive the digestate from solution #7

Solution #9 – Procedures for safe disassembly and efficient recycling of construction & demolition waste

Solution #10 – Active and passive tech for energy efficiency

Solution #11 – Pay per use business models

Solution #12 – An online platform to evaluate the circularity of buildings and recommend improvements, backed by HOUSEFUL solutions

Objectives include:

  • A 30% reduction of construction & demolition waste usually destined to landfills
  • Energy efficiency gains of 30%
  • Recycling of 50% of biowaste from the kitchen
  • Recycling of >90% of each rainwater, greywater and blackwater stream for reuse in toilets flushing, irrigation, and biogas production
  • Production of 0.55kg of compost per kg digestate produced from biowaste and blackwater

LGI will carry out the Life Cycle Cost assessment of the refurbishments and recommend the best commercialization strategies for the marketable results of the project.



Eve Dallamaggiore

Innovation Strategist

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