As a part of the LowUP project, LGI will organise an Exploitation Workshop to make the most of the results during the project and maximise their impact even after its end. The project is developing and demonstrating three new efficient heating and cooling technologies that will significantly reduce both CO2 emissions and primary energy consumption.

The workshop will rely on the Result-Strategy-Beneficiary (RSB) methodology developed internally by LGI. This strategy considers all the results (achieved and expected) and identifies all the potential beneficiaries to define the most adequate strategy for each pair of “result-beneficiary” association. Involving all the partners, the aim is to find a common agreement on how the project’s results will be owned and used. General recommendations will be proposed on both joint and individual exploitation strategies in terms of IPR strategy, technology roadmaps and commercial opportunities for each partner.

The outputs of the workshop will be included in the next D5.7 “Second version of the Exploitation Plan”.


Camille Auriault

Innovation Strategist

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