CO2Fokus is funded under the topic “Conversion of captured CO2” . It aims to realise the full potential of several strategies to exploit industrial CO2 emissions to produce DiMethyl Ether (DME) Synthetic. DME is usually produced by a multiple steps conversion process, is employed as an ether in the chemical industry, and as an intermediate in the production of petrol, aromatics and olefins.

Using waste CO2 for a direct production of DME will increase the energy efficiency of DME production and will reduce the release of GHG emissions. CO2Fokus conversion technology will rely on direct and continuous synthesis from CO2 and H2 (CO2 hydrogenation), involving both catalytic chemical and electrochemical reactions. The catalytic reactors will have multi-channels, and their design will be realised through 3D printing, for high functional fidelity and near exact repeatability.

LGI will coordinate the work package on market study, exploitation strategies and intellectual property rights strategy, as well as support the coordinator in the management of the project.