As part of the European Horizon 2020 project PAPERCHAIN, LGI facilitated five workshops to investigate circular economy models.

PAPERCHAIN aims at demonstrating the valorisation of Pulp and Paper Industry (PPI) waste streams in other resources-intensive industries: construction, chemical, mining and transport infrastructures. Different valorisation processes are being implemented at industrial scale in five demonstration sites in Slovenia, Spain, Sweden (two demo sites) and Portugal. The project gathers 20 partners and several supporting parties covering the whole value chain of each local demonstration activity, such as PPIs (waste generator), waste managers, public authorities and end-users.

In May and June 2018 LGI ran five workshops, corresponding to the five circular cases, to analyse the transition from existing production processes to circular economy processes. Each workshop took place at a demo site and gathered all the stakeholders involved in one circular case.

First, drivers, barriers and decision-making criteria were identified. The participants were then asked to represent and characterise both the linear and the circular models, representing the stakeholders, quantifying the materials/resources and estimating the costs. Finally, a brainstorming session enabled to share thoughts on alternative circular economy models and formulate recommendations to replicate the circular case.

The results of these workshops will be integrated in the confidential deliverable “Report on transition assessment for circular economy processes” due in November 2018.


Camille Auriault

Innovation Strategist

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