As part of the ENTRUST European project, dedicated to the social dimension of the energy system, a Policy Toolkit methodology was developed by LGI to facilitate citizen engagement and enable policy co-creation for promoting the energy transition.

On 30 March, LGI’s Amar Ait Abderrahim, Daniele Kielmanowicz and François Aze moderated a policy co-creation workshop at the French Sciences Politiques University with 55 students and using the Policy Toolkit methodology. Students were divided into eight groups: each group had to consider the different factors influencing behaviour change to brainstorm about measures that could be implemented to foster the energy transition. Students’ suggestions aimed at promoting the following behaviour changes:

  • Increasing the practice of car sharing
  • Increasing the purchase and use of electric vehicles
  • Encouraging the use of public transport
  • Encouraging automobile commuters to carpool
  • Enabling green energy self-consumption
  • Initiating thermal refurbishment
  • Promoting subscription to green energy suppliers
  • Reducing electricity use through smart technologies

The policy recommendations that resulted from this workshop were posted on We.Actum, a newly launched web platform where citizens can contribute to better energy policies by submitting their own recommendations and assessing other citizens’ ideas. To learn more about the workshop outcomes and to assess yourself the policy recommendations provided by the students, please visit the We.Actum platform!


Daniele Kielmanowicz
Trend Watcher

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