The SCRREEN project focuses on critical raw materials (CRMs), i.e. metals, minerals and biotic materials which have a combination of two factors in the EU: a high economic importance and a high supply risk (official list of CRMs available here). With the support of other partners of the project (BGS, CML Leiden University, GTK, JRC, ISI Fraunhofer), LGI explored the major trends in future EU demands for these CRMs up until 2035. By analysing the demand scenarios of specific CRM-intensive products like electric vehicles, wind turbines or smartphones, it is possible to estimate the future demand and criticality of the associated CRMs.

LGI’s Antoine Monnet and Amar Ait Abderrahim developed a bespoke methodology to estimate these trends. For a list of CRM-intensive industrial applications, it combined a quantitative reference scenario (future CRM requirements related to each application) and a qualitative assessment to challenge the reference scenario.

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