Europe’s Premier Innovation Conference, the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) took place this year in Vienna and brought together more than 400 innovation experts from research, industry, consulting and public sector.

The transformation of the energy system was a significant topic for discussion at the colloquium and Esti Sanvicente, Innovation Strategyst at LGI, discussed the latest innovation strategy trends shaping the European energy transition.

Recent growth of innovation and disruption within traditional business models in the European energy system is at the heart of LGI’s work. So within the framework of the European ENTRUST project (Horizon 2020 no. 657998), we set out to better understand emerging business models, recurrent innovation strategies within the energy system and the drivers of the innovation ecosystem.

From our review of 145 company examples across four energy-intensive-sectors (buildings, process industries, urban mobility and power generation) in Europe, we identified 65 distinct business models patterns falling into 11 types of innovation. These innovations are in turn structured into four dominant categories: Technological, organisational, customer-facing and financing.

Participants recognised the potential of the approach to linking the theoretical concept of business model innovation to the practical transformation of the European energy sector.

Finally, the ISPIM conference represented a unique opportunity to stimulate interesting discussions with the innovation management community at the European level and allowed us to continue our research on the innovation needs to achieve the required paradigm shift.

Esti Sanvicente
Innovation Strategist

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