Smart Energies Expo 2017 took place in Paris earlier this month (6-7 June 2017) and it gathered professionals who work for the future of the energy sector in France.


More than 3 000 visitors learnt more about the energy innovations presented in one of the 50 exhibitors. During two days, almost 100 speakers pitch ideas organised in 5 themes:

  • Grids and infrastructure
  • Digital Energy
  • Smart home & Smart building
  • Renewable energies and storage
  • Energy efficiency

Part of the smart home and smart building theme, Camille Auriault presented the results of the EU READY project “Business models for an integrated electrical solution for buildings”. Her presentation described three business model options elaborated with the READY partners: Sell the equipment, Lease the equipment and Rent-a-roof. For each option, a stakeholder map has been represented, the advantages and disadvantages for key actors have been analysed and the return-of-investment for the integrator has been calculated.

Camille Auriault
Innovation Strategy Consultant

For more details visit the READY website: