The MARCO project focuses on the evaluation of current and future market size, as well as on the requirements and benefits of a market observatory on climate services. As project partner, LGI attended the announced Final Stakeholder meeting which took place at Steigenberger Hotel in Berlin on the 28 September 2018.

LGI joined this interactive gathering of representatives and experts from the numerous stakeholder groups that drive the project in Berlin. The market of climate services currently remains in its infancy: current strategies face knowledge and visibility gaps, while the associated economic benefits to users are either unknown or uncertain. The Horizon 2020 projects MARCO and EU-MACS are particularly meant for analysing the current state of affairs regarding the uptake of climate services, assess the development prospects, and propose remedies so as to promote a significant larger utilisation of the development and use potential of climate services.

Both projects on climate services brought to the table both CS providers and potential CS users during a stakeholder meeting in Berlin. LGI conducted an hourlong interactive session to design end-to-end models that bridge the gap between the demand and supply of climate services. The focus was on very specific needs of the tourism, forestry, energy, insurance and human health sectors. Results will be integrated into a report to be released by the end of the year. Stay tuned!


Mathieu Salel

Innovation Strategist

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