FoTRRIS is a H2020 project which aims at fostering a transition toward a Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) system. Based on the European Commission’s definition of RRI, FoTRRIS partners developed the concept of co-RRI: co-created Responsible Research and Innovation.

Co-RRI does not substitute former definitions and principles but attempts to supplement them in order to clarify FoTRRIS’ normative position and understanding of RRI principles. The underlying values of co-RRI are:

  • Ecological sustainability
  • Acknowledgement of different forms of knowing
  • Social inclusion

The co-RRI concept especially focuses on solving the grand societal challenges locally, via system thinking, transdisciplinarity, co-creation of knowledge and reflexivity.

To put the concept into practice, FoTRRIS established six transition arenas (groups of people interested in solving a local manifestation of a grand challenge in a collaborative way). These transition arenas worked on the following challenges: a sustainable and local food system for the Graz region, materials scarcity in Flanders, local economic development of Budapest’s neighbourhood Wekerle, adoption of renewable energies in the Madonie region of Sicily, social integration of refugees and women with disabilities in Spain.

FoTRRIS final conference took place on 27 March 2018 in Brussels. Entitled ‘Mind the R&I gap – Co-RRI in response to big challenges’, the conference welcomed around a hundred of participants for different panel sessions and innovative workshops. It was also the opportunity for LGI and the other FoTRRIS partners to present the fruits of their labour. In this perspective, LGI’s Daniele Kielmanowicz and François Aze were present to explain how to set-up a competence cell. Check out the FoTRRIS website for additional outputs and results on co-RRI, especially the cookbook on ‘How to set-up co-RRI projects’.


Eve Dallamaggiore

Innovation Strategist

For more details visit the FoTTRIS website.