The entire team of 45 reunited in Marseille for our first team-building trip in three years. The 13th edition of LGI’s team-building trip had been long awaited and truly offered us the chance to get to know each other in the wake of the pandemic.

As Paris is already gray and cold, we were all happy to step off the train and into the sunshine. The organising committee, Fanny, Emma, Eddo, Léonard and Anwar, warmly welcomed us with gift bags and lunch. Then, we kicked things off with a presentation covering the company’s recent accomplishments, followed by workshops on improving our communication strategy, consulting strategy, innovation culture, and work culture.

Our time spent in Marseille was packed with fun. We visited Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, took a scenic walk down to the vieux port, strolled through Le Panier historic neighbourhood and toured the MUCEM all before embarking on our surprise, a soirée out on a catamaran!

On our last day, we split into teams for the final seminar activity, the olympiades! For several hours we ran around on the beach, competing against each other in games of tug of war, relay races and treasure hunts. We all agree that it was a blast, and we could definitely feel our legs the next day.

The 13th team-building trip lived up to the hype. Many of us had heard stories of how great these company retreats are, and we were not disappointed. We keep great memories of our time in Marseille, and look forward to making many more!