The CO2Fokus project officially started in July 2019. It aims to produce a technology able to use the CO2 emitted by industrial processes as a raw material to produce dimethyl ether (DME), a gas often used in the chemical industry and usually obtained from fossil sources.

LGI contributes the dissemination, exploitation and communication of the project. Our team will lead two tasks : the market study and exploitation strategies, and the development and implementation of the IPR strategy (intellectual property rights). The market study will retrieve information on the targeted markets and lay the groundwork for strategic decision-making while the exploitation work will verify the target markets, create exploitation strategies to reach them, and elaborate a plan for the market entry and the months that will follow.

Regarding IPR, LGI will monitor and manage IPR-related decisions derived from CO2Fokus innovations, by raising the awareness of the project partners about the subject while also ensuring that the communication and exploitation activities carried out within the projet comply with the IPR publication policies.

LGI will also be involved in the clustering work with other projects, which aims at networking with a number of European and international professional platforms, networks, initiatives, engineering associations, etc. in the field of carbon sequestration and CCU, for the exchange of information and evaluation of potential collaborations.

Read more about our new project in their first press release.