Over the past few weeks we have attended a number of final conferences as many projects have come to an end.  Learn more about these projects and their final conferences below!

READY, a European project focused on the resource efficiency of cities and smart city solutions, held its final conference on October 22nd. A series of presentations took place including a welcome, a summary of building battery storage.solar solutions, and sea heat pumps. A movie featuring Aarhus as a smart energy city and a video of the Lisbjerg power plant conducting green reconversion of district heating were shared. A closer look at project activities was shown in this video.

LowUP a Horizon 2020 project aiming to reduce both CO2 emissions and primary energy consumption and contribute to achieving Europe’s GHG reduction targets, held its final conference on October 30th. Recordings from the online conference about the outcomes of LowUP H2020-EU funded project, the key exploitation results, lessons learning and the marketability of each of the LowUP solutions are available here.